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Our mission is to provide you with more time so you can focus on your business and help you to succeed.  All our services are designed with our customers' in mind.  No business can run successfully without an established accounting system.  For this purpose, we provide a wide range of services and plans including accounting & tax services, bookkeeping & payroll services, new business consultation & incorporation, and notary services. 

Why outsource your bookkeeping & accounting?  Let us explain...


As your business grows, you will quickly learn that you canít do everything on your own. There's simply not enough hours in the day to do all of the sales, the marketing, the bookkeeping and all the other details needed in running your business.  You will soon realize you will need to surrender the bookkeeping functions to someone else in order to concentrate in your business. 


For most businesses with 100 or less employees, outsourcing their accounting & bookkeeping needs is the right choice.  And, here is where we come in...


What are the benefits in outsourcing?

   ● Reduces employer payroll taxes

    ● No worker's compensation insurance

    ● No medical insurance or other benefits to pay

    ● Savings on classified ads, testing, & training

    ● Improve quality of work

    ● Minimize paperwork

    ● Accuracy and timely filings without penalties

    ● Focus on primary activities of your business

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In-office and mobile services available all your notary needs.